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Openness is our core value 

Transparency is the key to building both trust and value.

Vendor agnostic / Vendor neutrality 

We find the best option for you, giving no preference to branded solutions.

Open Standards driven by the practical 

Providing solid foundation for short and long term business benefits, functionality, ease fo use and affordability.

Minimum interruption to business

We work to improve collaboration between entities without substantially changing internal processes that already provide useful solutions.

Custodians retain control of their data

Single sources of truth eliminate unnecessary duplication.  Custodians participate directly with us to ensure that available data is truly authoritative, well documented, discoverable and accessible.


An open Agile iterative process of continuous improvement with involvement from you and your community is our preferred project management approach.

Increase real world value

We first reuse, then extend if needed, and create only if necessary to build solutions that are more usable, and built on existing work.

Security by design

We design solutions to be secure from the ground up to minimise flaws that could compromise security.

You decide

Go ahead, "Open the hood".  You can see what you get and repurpose and extend as you wish.

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