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Open Data

Open data are data licensed and made available for anyone to use and share.  Open data by default is an expectation of government agencies in many countries including Australia and New Zealand.  Open data drives innovation and increases efficiency through reduce duplication of effort. When well governed and managed, it can help to build new business and encourage more strategic investment, thus creating new jobs, new jobs and stronger economies.  It can also lead to positive social and cultural outcomes, and can increase transparency and democratic participation in government.  

Strong governance is needed to realise these benefits.  Organisations wishing to use open data for ongoing business purposes need to know that these data will continue to be available in predicable ways into the future.  They may need a "seat at the table" to feel comfortable using shared data for critical business purposes.  They also may need good understanding of the provenance, timeliness, and quality of these data in order to feel comfortable making decisions. OpenWork Ltd can help you and your community address such issues.  

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