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Open Standards

Standards provide a common means of communicating and interacting with others independent of what software or equipment you both use, and have long been vital the the smooth operation of commerce. They cover everything from on which side of the boat you dock, what size shipping containers should be, to the core functioning of the Internet.  

The benefit of standards to your business is not just that they allow you to easily communication with others, but that they make it easy to find and support new tools that'll work with what you already have far into the future.


At OpenWork Ltd we have a long history of active involvement in geospatial standards setting bodies such as ISO TC 211 and the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). We have contributed to World Wide Web efforts such as Spatial Data on the Web Best Practices and GeoDCAT. We also contribute to regional geospatial standards bodies, such as ANZLIC and ICSM. When you need authoritative assistance with implementation and use of standards, we are well placed to help. 

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