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Metadata and Catalogues

Metadata and Catalogues provide for improved data management first and foremost.  They allow you to know what data you have and the state that it is in.  They give others the ability to find your data and eliminate duplication.  They enable others in your community to understand your data and its fitness to their purpose.


Online Catalogues

Catalogues can help build communities of interest by allowing colleagues to discover others creating or collecting similar data.  Exposing reasons for conversations within a topic area increases the social, economic and other values of your resources and uncover opportunities for efficiency gains.

In a digital world where data lives everywhere, enterprise data catalogs are an invaluable asset in your information architecture. Data catalogs enhance self-service BI governance, improve data quality and help you comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

Metadata Standards

Metadata is information about resources.  Metadata helps use, manage, understand and discover resources.  Metadata standards provide the language and grammar by which we can share and understand this information.

At OpenWork Ltd we understand standards and the standards setting process. The process of setting standards is to reach as much consensus as possible. This always leaves some room for interpretation. We are well versed in helping communities come together to provide the additional guidance needed to make these metadata useful to you and your domain while maintaining compatibility with world standards.

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