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Open Source

Open Source, also known as Free/Libre Software, guarantees your right to use, study, modify, and share that software however you wish.  It provides several benefits to the continued operation of your business.

Cloud Readiness

Open Source has ideal pricing structures for cloud-based deployments. Even if it does cost the same to get started, you'll never have to pay extra to stand up more servers. You won't have to wait for software license while your servers are overloaded. You're free to copy the same software onto those new servers.

Flexibility & Herterogeneity

Open Source software typically comes with top-notch software compatibility out of the box. You won't be limited by the need to use only specific components, so your options are much more open. When a business adopts Open Source software they typically need it to work with other software components in their stack. Using Open Source contributes to the compatibility needed for the project as well as making it a valuable resource to other businesses.


If you find the Open Source software you use (or want to use) lacks a vital feature for your business needs, Open Source provides you options to have that feature added.

Staff Development

By using Open Source software in your business, your staff are empowered to fix any problems they face by themselves (if this is what you are wanting). This both reduces time spent fitting the problem, and makes things more interesting for your employees. 

Market Power

To quote Bob Young of Red Hat, "You wouldn't buy a car with its hood welded shut?" No, right? "How much do you know about the internals of modern combustions engine?" For most of us, not much. "We demand the ability to open the hood of our car because it gives us, the consumer, control over the product we have brought and takes it away from the vendor. We can take the car back to the dealer; if he does a good job, doesn't overcharge us and adds the features we need, we may keep taking it back to that dealer. But if he overcharged us, won't fix the problem we are having or refuses to install that musical horn we always wanted - well, there are 10,000 other car-repair companies that would be happy to have our business." Open Source software is the same way. While at OpenWork Ltd, we would love your  return business, we want to receive it because you like working with us, not because you feel you have no other choice.

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